The Annual Concert to Feed the Hungry
A Jazz Benefit for Buddhist Global Relief

On Sunday, April 28th, at 5pm, Buddhist Global Relief will be holding its eighth annual “Concert to Feed the Hungry,” which features leading contemporary musicians in a fun-packed event dedicated to the struggle against chronic hunger and malnutrition. The concert, one of BGR’s major fundraising events of the year,supports our many projects worldwide, in regions ranging from Cambodia, India, and Bangladesh—through Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, and Haiti—to New York and Detroit.  Chronic hunger and malnutrition, so prevalent in a world where we already have the resources we need to ensure everyone can eat adequately, surely testifies to a deep moral poverty. BGR is determined to do something to tackle this problem.

Featured performers will be acclaimed vocalist Sofia Rei, Richie Barshay's Klezmer Konsort (also featuring clarinetist Michael Winograd), The Carmen Staaf / Jeff Williams Trio, and Daniel Blake, presenting a new chamber work entitled "Parayana Songs."

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